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28 members of Dumfries Male Voice Choir plus partners and friends have just returned from a very successful trip to Gifhorn, the German town twinned with Dumfries.  The trip was made more affordable thanks to the generous sponsorship of Dumfries and Galloway Council plus successful fundraising from our own informal ladies committee.

We were pleased that several choir members not well enough to travel came to wave us off from Brooms Road as we set out for Hull and the ferry to  Zeebrugge.  It was decided to stopover at Ypres as the choir had the opportunity to take part in the Last Post Ceremony at the Menin Gate.  After the choir did their singing, chorister Ian Grieg, a veteran of the D-Day Landings and a holder of the Legion d’honneur, laid a wreath on behalf of the choir and everyone agreed the whole event was a great success and very moving.

The group travelled on through Holland towards Germany, stopping at a number of war cemeteries including a Scottish Memorial which had recently featured on Border Life TV.   A highlight for many was the drive over Nijmegan Bridge and a visit to the Airborne Division Memorial and then Arnhem Cemetery.  The choir gathered near the central altar and sang a tribute to the fallen, a particularly emotional occasion.

On Saturday the group were welcomed at their hotel by members of Gifhorn Mannerchor. After a quick check in, we were taken to meet the Mayor at the Central Concert Hall and there was an exchange of gifts.  At the Mayor’s request the choir gave an impromptu performance for a group of older people meeting together in the main hall which was well received.  Our party was then taken to the choir club house for a delicious Hog Roast dinner.

Sunday started with a tour of the Windmill Museum, a beautiful park which is the inspiration of just one man, Mr Wrobo, who spent some time with us.  A delicious lunch was provided and the whole thing was on the house, so generous and much appreciated.  Uniforms and glad rags were on for the main event at the beautiful church of St Nikolai, a joint concert with a varied programme by both choirs.  A German bagpipe duo led in the choirs and provided a “Highland Sound” which was a splendid contrast to the choral music.  The event was a big success and earned an encore and a standing ovation.    More excellent hospitality followed at Gifhorn Choir Social Club.

Monday morning saw us all back on the road to Amsterdam for the overnight ferry to Newcastle and then the drive home.    

2017 Events

Friday 24th November

Concert at St. Mungo’s Church, Kettleholm

Thursday 14th December           

S.A.N.D.S service at Crichton Church Dumfries

2018 Events

Friday 23rd March

The Choir's 68th Annual concert

Saturday 3rd November

Cancer Research UK Festival of Brass and Voice, Royal Albert Hall, London     

2019 Events


The Choir's 69th Annual concert

24th - 27th May                

Visit of Carlton Male Voice Choir from Nottingham (Joint Concert in Dumfries)

27th - 29th September   

Visit to Nottingham  to perform with Carlton Male Voice Choir

Raising The Rafters

Is it surprising; despite a forty-strong male voice choir, two skilled individual performers, an extremely talented accompanist and a conductor-cum-comedian, that the most lasting memory to be recalled by the audience cramming the Kettleholm Church of St. Mungo may well be that of a twelve year old singing unaccompanied?

Local girl Rose Byers sang her way into the hearts of all with two sets of two songs, Tam Glen and Two Sisters as the first pair and later on Queen Jeannie and Rambling Rover. Her confidence carried her clear voice to all corners of the church.

The event, a fundraiser in support of the church, was opened by Sue Jackson who welcomed the Dumfries Male Voice Choir led by David McCullough. The Choir opened the concert with Let All Men Sing and BorderBallad. The evening continued with an accordion recital by choir member Ian Warner and further songs by the choir including The Dark Island and The Rose.

After a short interval singing resumed with an Elvis Trilogy which the audience joined in, they then enjoyed some more modern songs, such as You Raise Me Up and three stirring Welsh male voice choir classics, Morte Criste, Gwahoddiad and Rachie.  A feature of this part of the evening was Ernie Budd playing ukulele and singing a trio of well-known songs which the audience responded to with enthusiasm. David closed the music with the Gaelic Blessing and that was the cue for Cynthia Smith to propose the vote of thanks which she did fully and generously including all contributors as well as the accompanist and thanking David for the programme he drew up and the choir performance. She wished all safe home and offered refreshments provided and served by members of the parish - a fine end to a fine concert which added around £750 pounds to the funds.